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اطلاعات شهید

A man who perceived the truth and sacrificed his life in the way of conserving it

Eduardo Anielli was born in July 5th, 1954 in New York. His father, senator “Jee Anlee”, was Fiat Factory Manager and his mother Marla was a princess from Karlouchy dynasty (Jewish). He finished his education in Atlantic college of Britain and then, he went to Thornton University, United States and succeeded in graduating in obtaining a doctorate degree in East Religion and Philosophy. When 20, he converted to Islam by reading the Qur'an in the University Library and changed his name into “Hisham Aziz”. In March 28th, 1981, in a meeting with the grand leader of the Revolution and the holy shrine of Imam Reza, he became interested in Shia religion. It was 1981 that Eduardo came to Iran due to the help of Fakhrodin Hejazi and was very eager to meet with Imam personally. Finally the meeting date arrived and he was very excited. When being encountered with his faith and honesty, Imam kissed his forehead and it was the first time that Imam kissed the face of a foreigner. After this meeting, we went to the holy shrine of Imam Reza and I told him: “because this is the first time you are here for pilgrimage, any wish you may have will come true.” On the way back I asked him: ‘what did you ask for from Imam Reza?” He smiled kindly and answered, “I asked him for my father’s tendency towards me, and I did not want anything else because there were a lot of people who needed his help.”
Love for God penetrated into his heart from that day and finally he flew towards the sky but still I remember his rejoice of seeing at the shrine of Imam Reza. On his way back to Italy, he visited “Salman Qaffari” so that he could confirm his conversion to Shia religion. During these years he had the responsibility of sectors of Juventus Club which was part of his family’s capital. Few years later, he chose the name of the last resort of Shia religion, Mahdi, for himself and became closer to the Shia Muslims of Italy. By finding out Eduardo’s love for Islam, his family tried to dissuade him from Islam but nothing could stop him. Few months later, police arrested him for carrying 300 gram heroin in Kenya but the police found out that it was just a conspiracy against the wealthy heir to the richest man in Italy. It was autumn 1369 that Eduardo took a vacation to Kenya and in one of the hottest days in Africa he saw two Australians who were injecting heroin and two children were preparing their stuff. So he approached them, complaining that: if you want to do that, it’s ok, but do it at your home. Kids are innocent; please don’t ask them to do these things for you. They became really upset and complaint to their friends in the police department. The next day two cops went after Eduardo and arrested him in his cottage and charged him for having three grams heroin.
The next day’s papers wrote “Senator Anielli’s son was arrested for 300 grams heroin.” His family wanted him to escape from there but Eduardo knew it was a plot so he replied: “I’m innocent, If I escape, everyone will think I did something wrong.” In the court, the judge asked the officers to give the heroin in, and they claimed Anielli had thrown it out of the window. So the judge sent to persons to the cottage and they saw there was no window on the upper story so that if Anielli wanted to throw anything out, he had to break the roof to do so. The court found him innocent. His family put him in a mental hospital for few months and deprived him from inheritance forever. By the death of Eduardo’s cousin, all the Anielli’s heritage was given to Eduardo’s Jewish nephew. At this time, he tried to retrieve his usurped rights. Seeing his efforts to recapture the family inheritance, Zionists decided to put him out of their way so on Thursday morning Aba’n 24th, 1379, at the age of 46, Zionist martyrized him. The police found his body hours later under a bridge. Cemetery doctor, without autopsy and any investigation, issued his burial certificate. His pure body was buried at a church in the village of "Vularrvza" in Anielli’s the family tomb.
A word from Eduardo Anielli: whether it’s relative or absolute, I believe it is absolute. Absolute because everything is the way God wants it to be. This is what I accepted, if others don’t, they can have their own perspective. I believe beyond our body and about all that ever existed, there is a truth that only God knows about it.
Source: Narration by Dr. Qadiri Abyaneh

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