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Some untold about Hajj Imad Mughniyeh's assassination

What happened after the war of July 2006 that he decided to play with America and Israel intelligence agencies and other states of the region for 25 years?
After the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, commander of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, the Zionist regime thought that with this act of terrorism and criminality, it could retrieve its lost reputation following the heavy and unprecedented defeats of 33-day-war in Gaza, 2006, with Hezbollah in Lebanon. On the other hand, it wanted to weaken Hezbollah among the region nations and make Hezbollah face with new difficulties. On the contrary, the martyrdom of this brave soldier, with admittance of many experts of Israeli military and intelligence circles, impaired this regime’s position more than ever. Hussein Royvaran, the Chairman of the Political Committee of the Association for the Defense of Palestinian Nation, described the consequences of the assassination of Hajj Rezvan in this conversation:
You have lived many years in the area; please tell us what is your idea about Haj Imad Mughniyeh?
In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. While I was working in Beirut, through the meetings I had with Hezbollah officials, I gained news and information about the different dimensions of character of this great man, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh. It is said that He was one of the most important figures of the Islamic Resistance who organized jihad activities of the organization. Without doubt he was intelligent and talented and knew the enemy very well, was aware of the capabilities of the combatants of the Islamic Resistance and he was capable enough to plan the inner resources for the management of encountering with the Zionist regime. A large part of the victories of Hezbollah owe to his intelligence and management.
It is clear that Israel is not the only enemy of Lebanon. Many other countries interfere in Lebanon. How did Hajj Imad Mughniyeh identify the enemy and what was his knowledge about them and what was his criterion for operation based on?
With a history of cooperation with Palestine Liberation Organization and Other liberation movements, Martyr Imad Mughniyeh had learnt many of their experiences and used these experiences in the management of different parts of Hezbollah. Palestine Liberation Organization was a leftist organization based on armed conflict. After the victory of Islamic Revolution and formation of Hezbollah in Lebanon, he became a member in Hezbollah. Before joining Hezbollah, Imad Mughniyeh tried to encourage the leftist and secular fighters to tend to Islam. The pattern he chose for encountering the Zionist regime and its allies was a personal innovation. That is why we see many of equations and calculations are based on his initiatives.
The first argument is that Israel was directly present in Lebanon via a number of its factors such as the Phalange party and Lebanese militias "Lebanese Forces". The Israel's involvement in Lebanon had undesirable consequences on the structure of Hezbollah. For this reason, Hajj Imad created an impenetrable iron structure. Although Hezbollah is a very popular current, open and unconditional, it has impermeable formations based on very hard selection of members and supporters. For this reason, the inner situations in Lebanon have made Hezbollah to be a strong and impenetrable organization to impede the extensive breach of Israeli agents within formal structures and informal institutions in Lebanon.
The second argument is that basically the fight that the Palestine Liberation Organization had in Lebanon was a show fight based on public training bases. Their armed operations were done openly and it was mainly shooting rockets from distance. While the Islamic Resistance that Imad Mughniyeh was one of its founders has no public base throughout Lebanon and works quite underground so that it will not experience the Israeli invasion to Lebanon in 1982 and the destruction of these bases again. All Hezbollah’s attacks were at nights and with some secrecy in a way that the Israel could never identify them. Israeli experts and analysts in their papers about the Islamic Resistance’s attacks discussed 'Goblin Attack’. This shows that the element of surprise is one important factor which was typical in the Islamic Resistance’s plans. I think that martyr Imad Mughniyeh in planning operations did not forget any details; not the issue of breach, not the matter of the presence of West intelligence agents in Lebanon who used to exchange intelligence with Israel, and not repeating the experience of SAFF in Lebanon. Therefore, he fashioned a new pattern the characters of which were all new, innovative and based on understanding the Enemy. His approaches led to disarrangement of Israel equation in Lebanon and that the regime’s damages were more than its benefits. As a result of such equation, Israel had to retreat from Lebanon. It was the first failure of Israel because of which it had to withdraw unconditionally from an Arab country. This was one of Resistance’s greatest victories and successes.
Are these achievements and success the result of thought and individual initiatives Haj Imad Mughniyeh or the result of a group work?
For sure Imad Mughniyeh was a key factor in this victory but all the achievements are collective work. Basically the activities of the Islamic Resistance are team-based. For example when Sayyid Abbas Mousavi, Former Secretary General of Hezbollah, was martyrdized, nothing happens in Hezbollah. When Sheikh Ragheb Harb was martyrdized, nothing special happens in Hezbollah. When Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid was captured by Israel, nothing happens in Hezbollah and south areas of Lebanon.
It shows that Hezbollah is established based on collective and group-based structures and ever since, is under the council leadership. The system of secretary general which was replaced at the beginning of the ninth decade of the twentieth century did not make any difference in the structure. But it increased the number of executive agencies. But the collective behavior continued to remain in the main decision making centers; such as the Central Council, the Executive Council, Military Council, the main decision is provided by these but the collective decisions do not preclude individual initiative at work and Hezbollah. Individual initiative in the framework of collective decisions can raise the success rate. Presence of personalities like martyr Imad Mughniyeh in Hezbollah's structure with individual genius and collective thinking has led to these achievements.
Were Hajj Rezvan achievements only as a result of previous experiences of the Palestinian movements in Lebanon or he also benefited from his presence in the imposed War especially that he was in communication and collaboration with Islamic revolution Guards Corps Commanders?
A large group of Lebanese, individual and as a group, worked with martyr doctor Mostafa Chamran in the war because he had lived in Lebanon for a long time and when returning to Iran, he had brought some Lebanese fighters with him. Some of those Lebanese fighters with martyr Chamran and others worked within the framework of Basij and Islamic revolution Guards Corps. I guess the most important experience that martyr Imad Mughniyeh had learnt from Iran-Iraq war was the spirit of martyrdom-seeking of Basij and Islamic revolution Guards Corps youths. Maybe this is the most crucial tool that Imad Mughniyeh used a lot because at the beginning of the imposed war, arms difference was so high that Iranian youths had to incorporate faith and simple facilities for fight. But with these simple facilities, they could create an equation that made Bass regime withdraw from Iran. Lebanese friends learnt the most important event that occurred during the first three years of war, i.e. having faith. For example if Iraq had mined an area, some volunteer of martyrdom by passing through the area created a ferry deep into the enemy forces. This act proved that technology and military facilities fail against faith and determination of martyrdom.
The second point is the military initiatives; during the first three years of war, the military initiatives were so high that Bass was desperate in front of these unpredictable new innovations. And this gave Mughniyeh a lot of ideas to incorporate in the war with Israel. He used these initiatives to take the enemy by surprise and finally he could make them desperate. The martyrdom-seeking operations which played an important role in the equation led Israel withdrawal from South of Lebanon. The groups that had fought Israel in south Lebanon before the formation of Hezbollah had never thought of such innovations. For example a brave martyrdom-intender drove a truck containing explosives and blew himself within enemy's forces. This is an unprecedented evolution that we have not seen before the victory of Islamic Revolution and experience of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon. More interesting is that all these initiatives were set in the occupied Palestinian territories and four years ago, forced the Israelis to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.
It is said that the first Martyrdom-seeking operation was done by martyr Ahmad Qassir by the fatwa of Imam Khomeini, is it true?
It is true. When they asked Imam about the Martyrdom-seeking operations, he replied, “If you are sure there is no harm to Muslims in it, and it only hurts the enemy, that’s allowable.” Imam declared a few things around this fatwa and said that Imam Hussein’s movement was a Martyrdom-seeking act. Imam Hussein, with certainty to martyrdom, went towards Karbala. Finally we saw a chain of operations and maybe the attack of martyr Qassir to Israeli military headquarters was the start of these operations and made Israel retreat from large parts of Lebanon.
Following the fatwa of Imam Khomeini, many Sunni religious leaders declared fatwa regarding the justifiability of martyrdom-seeking operations. But there are some groups that are taking advantage of this and kill innocent people and civilians.
Imam Khomeini discussed martyrdom-seeking operations on a set of principles. Some models were made, few according and few against this fatwa. In Lebanon this modeling was against Zionist and occupiers. I heard from some friends in Hezbollah that sometimes they had plans for martyrdom-seeking operations but ahead of operation, with the possibility of hurting civilians, they canceled the whole thing. Because Imam had made it clear for Hezbollah that this operation should not hurt any innocent Muslim. The target is the enemy. Palestinian warriors followed this fatwa during the second intifada and performed many operations against the Zionist usurpers. Now Al Qaeda and Salafists and other groups use this method. Unfortunately these groups kill innocent people and civilians with suicide attacks. Why? That is because the intellectual framework of these groups is different from the original one of Imam. The intellectual basis of Takfiri group is “hoarding right”, they only know themselves as having right, and they think of others, Muslim and non-Muslim, as being infidel.
What happened after the war of July 2006 that he decided to play with America and Israel intelligence agencies and other countries of the region for 25 years? And what factors played a role in his martyrdom?
The first point: when someone joins a Jihadi organization as Militias and volunteer, they are always subject to martyrdom. This is the way they have chosen. Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, some friends had predicted the maximum lifetime of active combatants in armed operations against the king to be two to three years. Therefore, we must keep in mind that martyrdom of people like Hajj Rezvan is a definite possibility.
The second point: Martyr Haj Imad Mughniyeh knew that the most important tools for the enemy to identify him are two things: One, personal photos and other expansion of personal communications. That's why for 25 years, he did not allow anyone to take a picture of his face. Regarding the personal communications, he made communications from individual to organizational ones. He was associated only with the body and the organization of Hezbollah. He was not associated with any person outside Hezbollah. Hezbollah, in all matters and various areas, including the Lebanese government, groups and political organizations, committees and special sections has some connections. He was not present in any of these activities. This is the reason for his absence. He knew that Lebanon was full of spies and infiltrators. So he did not allow himself to be present in all of the activities.
The third point: when Hajj Rezvan was martyrized, unfortunately Lebanese society was facing with widespread entrenchment and polarization. The fronts of March 14th and March 8th were against each other. Many internal factors of Lebanon worked with the enemy to freeze Hezbollah. Within such kind of situation, all internal agents were mobilized to find and identify the real face of Imad Mughniyeh. These agents used of technical tools such as wireless systems, mobile, tapping fixed and mobile phones to identify Hajj Rezvan. All together, they made the real face of Imad Mughniyeh to be recognized. And finally security service Mossad managed to martyrize him on a spot. I think without the help of the inner agents, Mossad could not have access to Imad Mughniyeh ever.
It is said some Arab governments were involved in this identification, were they?
Basically the March 14th stream was in contact with Arab compromising governments and works with regional organizations such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. All these groups were mobilized for finding Imad Mughniyeh. Especially after the 33-day war, the area was facing with severe bipartisanship. This bipartisanship was around the acceptance of Moghavemat’s logic or the rejection of its logic. On one hand, there is the front of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad and on the other side, there are Arab governments who are against the Resistance movement. There are also America and Israel and other west governments who are supporting Arab compromising governments. So I believe in the incident that happened in Syria and during which Imad Mughniyeh was assassinated, all these agents worked and cooperated with each other.
According to the investigation that was carried out, some clues were found about the perpetrators of the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, and the results are intended to come out and inform public opinion. So, why is there hesitation to announce the results of the research?
As you know Syria chose a time to announce the results of the assessment and declared its decision in the media. Research also began widely and the result showed that some the region countries were involved in the assassination attack. The Syria government somehow exposed the role of security services of some Arab countries but Syria did not deliver their promises on time. I think Syria’s refusal to reveal the identification of the perpetrators of terror is within a contract. For sure some Arab governments were involved in the assassination of martyr Imad Mughniyeh. The Syria government felt if they disclose the intelligence, their relation with Arab countries might be ruined. Maybe the role of Arab countries in cooperation with Mossad is interpreted as a clear damage to them. Therefore the aforementioned governments traded with Syria in secrecy so that this issue would stay confidential. As a result, Syria refused to reveal the results and it is capable of extensive analysis. If only Mossad was involved in the assassination, for sure Syria could disclose the outcomes and it seems very unlikely that Syria had traded with Mossad. But why they did not? It shows that some Arab countries are associated in this conspiracy and that Syria had found some precautions and could not declare the results of the research.

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