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Martyr Ahmed Akhrava

After 14 centuries, the children’s voice of “being thirsty” (al atash) can be heard


In a night after usurping enemy’s relentless attack, short moment of silence swept the city.

In the Adel Akhrava attic a22 years old mother is 7 month pregnant and embraced her 1 year daughter whose name is Mona. They were so thirsty and hungry, during this silence she tried to sleep her. Mona’s little mouth remained on the dried breasts and exhausted mother while waiting for the birth of her little brother. Mother kissed the dried lips and made her to sleep. Her cradlesong was effective for calming the little girl down. While her little doll was in her arms, closed her beautiful eyes to believe in the dream Angels fulfill her dreams.

In the evenings Mona’s only entertainment was playing with the cradle which is going to have a new guests whose name is Ahmed and this sweet dream of a newborn child may bring smile and peace for her.

Suddenly mother’s heart agitated in the sinister silence of heaven and earth. Nothing could make her calm. A weepy whisper implied a bad accident. She felt pain in all parts of her body, stood and made ablution. She knew that GOD is the only thing to relieve anxiety. She opened holy Quran, her eyes lit up at night with power of Fat’h (Conquest) verses.

She felt more relaxed, closed the holy Quran slept beside Mona. After a while she woke up with the thunderous roar of bombs and mortars of army. She ought to carry her small daughter into a safe place, the sounds of savage bombing made her and all other mothers worry. She knew that if she did hesitate, death would not bless her. A storm of rockets and bombs came down to the house while she went to another room to bring Mona’s glass of milk.

In the blink of an eye just heavenly nest remained from Adel Akhrava’s house.

The young mother and her daughter Mona Martyred with the dried lips. What kind of war it is, after 14 centuries the voice of “being thirsty” (al atash) of children can be heard.

Ahmed who was 7 month infant in his mother womb and waits for birth is the smallest martyr. After some minutes the bloody corpse of mother carried to the hospital.

The Inanimate body of Ahmed which was severely wounded, took out from the mother’s womb to calm beside his 1 year old sister. How beautiful before sleep she took her reward form the Lord. Now she was not ashamed of Mona’s eyes. Mona and Ahmed watered from the prophet (PBUH) and their souls were soothed in Tuba. Gaza is like the desert of Karbala (the place where the Ashura event took place). Apart from the whispered of the world, voice of the cracked lips of mourning and wailing of women and children can be heard.  

Ahmed Rami Adel Akhrava who was 7 months old child, was the smallest soldier of Ramadan battle in Gaza.


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