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اطلاعات شهید

Martyr Chamran

so with the knowledge that you are Chamran University, better than me! I'm trying, I live a simple letter to write you sometime a life of Chamran: righteous man who would one day walk in this land of purity.
If instead of the heart, fire in his chest. What in the world for the first time she saw in 1311, the electromechanical field in 1336 from Tehran University - and graduated the next year, which were scholarships and became a U.S. Dispatched. Mostafa was flirtatious. American professor of human Mustafa was amazing. His score was 21. Mustafa with Mmtaztryn degrees, doctorates, and the U.S. came out of the PLASMA electronics and physics. See? America did not
I know that what you think. Martyr Mustafa, and I was probably that if Iran had nuclear energy superpower and we were probably ten years ahead of you. Mostafa American professors, these days the talk was of a nuclear , probably every day, remembering the thousand and one new idea will fail M. May. M. Now if the name and language all over the world were powerful. Although I have disagreed. M. If I had said, it still remains unknown as !
The first members were students at Tehran University. The oil industry will participate in national campaigns. In the United States would not be too short. The course will also be political will and work. He also founded the Islamic Association was set . Mostafa special position of the Pahlavi regime was heard, its scholarships cut, but still continued to Mustafa. Went to Egypt for two years, the most difficult period partisan guerrilla war and learned, and as usual, the students were introduced. Mustafa being the best, the other was normal.
instead of just the heart, fire in their heart, not from a place to stay. Like the breeze, in the dormitory and a quarter Tornado, there, die and pass . Mostafa was also a breeze, even lighter than a breeze ... Went to Lebanon, Imam Musa Sadr was a partner, leader of Lebanese Shiites. The "full" on the basis of Islamic principles and basic rules that. Here in the heart of Beirut burning, anti-Zionism began. He also went to the neighboring Palestinian epic. Overall, Mustafa was 21 years away from home.
The first round of parliamentary elections, Dr. Mostafa Chamran, a Tehran representative said: "God, I love to have people appreciate it and it made me so full of affection and rain I have a really Khjlm. Lord, give me the opportunity to be able to take it from me. "
I will not abandon him. He was appointed to the Supreme Council of Defense. Weakness (read Strength) M. That ' province vulnerability "was his. ¬ the eye and said - agreed. DA position was dangerous. All the city was in enemy hands. Most of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who were massacred. way Kurdistan would be, but few dare to Chamran. Imam, Mustafa personally sent. Mostafa within fifteen days all the way to capture the forces of the Kurdistan Strategic ¬ positions and cut out. Him saying: "Imam Malik Ashtar." The Secretary of Defense, where in the critical war situation. Man's account was empty hands, arms and ammunition was low, but many were martyred, but behind victory to win the hand . Iran had no military facilities, Mustafa said that! irregular war headquarters was established. The activity was an engineering . Buildings, roads, install water pumps the Karoon River branch of the enemy tanks that were causing them to retreat, making military equipment, build a suspension bridge over the Karkheh ... . Instead of identifying the enemy, will be identified as Mustafa. Susangerd(the small local in south of Iran) conquest, it was drudgery that our dear leader of the effort and Chamran, Leader Ayatollah ¬ ¬ A, was performed. Was confidential. If the blood of Hussain (AS) in Karbala in the vein of the Susangerd (the small local in south of Iran) Mostafa and fighting was ongoing. The soil is a blood drive. Can be any holes a, is the fountain. Chamran was a left foot injury. The first night in the hospital, the military commanders were advisory. General Fallahi, hatter, Colonel Mohammad Salim and Martyr Mahalati gathered around the bed and suggested there was an attack on the heights of Allah Akbar as . There was a second night. Mustafa said that he was staying. Ran out of the hospital.
The Allah Akbar trade comes after the hill was not practical. Dhlavyh(the small local in south of Iran) laid plans to capture. Chamran was LIFEBLOOD staff in irregular war. Iraj Rostami was commander.
Persian date “Khordad “31(the once name of month in iran) was sixty. Mostafa chest was on fire still hot. Mostafa had anecdotes indicate that the candle burns water and light shows. Candle light in the darkness. This candle is now a breeze can be switched off or with a mortar. Mustafa was a mortar shell fragment of the sky to the passengers. It was my duty to stand Mostafa be delivered ... . Mustafa said that "people in the world that appears to have survived. Breathe, way process, which I do ,lived, but in fact the prisoner, are incidents of slave life and oppress. They didn’t dead for it, its so small it they are apparently dead. ¬ But the free man, may have a short life, but as far as they live, really live with the and can kill your soul. Will not condemn the other. Others are submitted to him

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