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Al Wefaq

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society is the largest political party in the GCC. It is a national pro-democracy movement and part of the National Democratic Opposition Parties in Bahrain. It was formed in 2001 to represent the righteous democratic aspirations of the people. Today, it spearheads the struggle for fundamental political, social and economic change in Bahrain.
The policies of Al Wefaq are determined by its membership. Its leadership is accountable before the members. Membership of Al Wefaq is open to all Bahrainis as per the Political Societies Law, irrespective of race, color and creed. Applicants are required to accept the principles, policies and programs of Al Wefaq.
What we do
For more than a decade, Al Wefaq led the combated discrimination and oppression, organizing mass protests, reaching out to the international community and taking up the peaceful struggle against authoritarianism.
In 2002, the Bahraini Authority imposed a unilateral constitution. This drove the National Democratic Opposition Parties to boycott the first parliamentary elections in 2002 under this constitution.
Despite the gerrymandering of the electoral system and serious doubts about the process itself, Al Wefaq participated in the 2006 elections and won the political majority. Through this decision, Al Wefaq was seeking to achieve a democratic breakthrough for the constitutional disagreement, however, the ruling authority failed to demonstrated a serious desire to reform.
Al Wefaq parliamentary bloc resigned in 2011 in protest to the brutal crackdown on nationwide pro-democracy demonstrations in Manama.
Vision: towards an active political participation in national decision-making.
Mission: commitment to the issues of the homeland and citizens in light of the Islamic vision.
Al Wefaq By-Law
Vision on political dialogue
Bahrain opposition parties’ vision of a serious dialogue
Bahraini opposition’s initiative to build confidence bridges
The opposition parties’ initiative for the second round of the national dialogue
Initiative for an Inclusive Political Solution
Bahrain opposition parties call on regime for genuine dialogue

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