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Biography and stormy message of Imam in commemoration of martyr Aref Husseinie

Martyr Aref Husseini was born in a religious and theological family in 1320, Parachinar, Pakistan. His childhood coincided with the independence of Pakistan from India and at that period, began studying in the presence of his father - Seyed Aref Husseini. After receiving the diploma in 1343 he began to study religious sciences and three years after studying theological sciences, he moved from his city to Najaf which at that time was the science center of Islam and Shia. The result of migration to Najaf was something more than the usual science; meeting with the world leader in fight against imperialist, Imam Khomeini, was a messianic respiration that breathed a new life into his body and made him willing and eager to jihad and fight against injustice and to struggle for establishment of an Islamic state. After this spiritual revolution, Aref Husseini, in his first action, participated in the protest against the injustice to Ayatollah Hakim which led to one-month imprisonment and exile from Iraq. As a result he moved back to his birth town but the thirst for jihad and fight could not keep him there. Despite the desire to return to Najaf, due to inhibition of Baas regime, he moved to the holy city of Qom, but he was arrested by Savak in Qom too because of few political activities against Shah Regime and was expelled out from Iran.
At this time, martyr Husseini was promoted from discipleship to mastership and instead of migration, he could mentor his own people. Therefore, he decided to stay in his hometown and to disseminate religious education and complete his course of campaign. His career continued in three axes:
1. Political struggle against oppression and discrimination of government against Pakistani Shia and preparation for the establishment of Islamic government with influence from Islamic Revolution.
2. Cultural activities for propagation of Islamic truth and awakening of the society; one of him most important activities was establishment of “House of Islamic Sciences” which was a place where Islamic sciences were taught with a new method and in accordance with the contemporary needs. His other activities include constructing mosques in different regions of Pakistan so that they would be bases for his religious actions.
3. Charity activities for promotion of welfare level and decrease in Pakistanis general deprivation such as establishing some infirmaries.
However, since all the activities of this erudite scholar within the path of propagating the concepts of pure Islam were in opposition with fanatics and the American and Taliban slack followers, with physical assassination, they tried to prevent dissemination of his ideas. At last, Martyr Aref Husseini, on friday morning, Mordad 14, 1367, after the morning prayer, was shot by a toxic bullet and he obtained his wish of martyrdom.
The following is the impressive message of Imam Khomeini in memory of martyr Aref Husseini:
Subject: field of confrontation of pure Islam of Mohammad vs. American Islam
Occasion: martyrdom of Seyed Aref Hussein Husseini
Audience: Muslim nation of Pakistan - Islamic scholars
In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
I send both my congratulations and condolences to Islamic scholars and Pakistan nation concerning the martyrdom of Seyed Aref Hussein Husseini, the faithful companion of Islam and defender of the poor and oppressed and the true child of Imam Hussein. Although this incident shook the hearts of Muslims and especially Islamic scholars, it was not an unexpected issue to us and to the oppressed nations of world and especially the honorable nation of Pakistan who has tasted the bitterness of colonialism and has gained its freedom with fight and jihad and martyrdom.
Those who are acquainted with pain in Islamic societies, who pledged a blood covenant with the poor and barefooted, beware that they are at the beginning of their fight and have a long way reaching to the breakdown of barriers to colonization and exploitation and obtain of the pure Islam.
I’ve lost one of my dearest sons, may God confer us the ability to bear this catastrophe and take back the deceptions of Islam foes to themselves and make Islamic nation stable and vigorous in its right way of Jihad and martyrdom.
Ruh-allah Musavi Khomeini

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