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The martyrdom of Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr and his sister Bentolhoda Sadr

Martyr Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Sadr was born to an erudite family in Kazemein on March 1, 1935. He discussed Islamic sciences in a novel style aiming to reform and dynamize the seminary. Compilation of so many precious books in different fields of economy, philosophy, history, banking, etc. points to his ingenuity and conversance in different sciences. Subsequent to victory of Iranian Islamic movement on February of 1979, Iraqi Baathist Regime increased its pressure on him, but he declared his obedience to Imam Khomeini and resisted all pressures. He also worked with Sayyid Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim in forming an Islamist movement in Iraq. This attracted the attention of the Baath Party, which resulted in numerous imprisonments for him.
Iraqi people departed for Najaf to declare their solidarity with Ayatollah Sadr, but alarmed Baathis Regime attacked them leaving more than 20,000 people arrested and imprisoned. Ayatollah Sadr called for a nation-wide strike on June 10, 1979, that was widely welcomed by people. The following day the Baathist agents apprehended Ayatollah Sadr and thereupon his sister Bint al-Huda took the leadership. With escalation of popular protests Iraqi regime temporarily released him, but its hirelings intruded his house on April 5, 1980, and arrested him and his sister and transferred them to Baghdad. 3 days later, they were martyred under savage torture of Baathist Regime.

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