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اطلاعات شهید

Dr. Majid Shahriari, Iranian nuclear martyr

Dr. Majid Shahriari was assassinated on Monday 8 December 2010 Boulevard Artesh and martyred. He was a physics professor of Beheshti University and after martyr Ali Mohammadi, he is the second researcher who has been assassinated and becomes a martyr.
Details of the terror scene
We were in the Artesh highway that a motorcycle got near the car. Meanwhile, the driver shouted that everybody go out. Doctor said what happened? I did not fasten the belt, so immediately got out of the car and went back for the doctor to help him. As soon as I opened the door, the bomb exploded in front of my face and unfortunately, he died.
Martyr Shahriari’s blood, a source of pride and honor
Wife of Shahriari, thanks to all the intellectual and martyr Morpheus people of Iran says: it is our honor that the martyr's blood has been shed for Iran’s esteem and respect, and I am proud of it. The enemy must know that with these difficulties, we're not out of the field of martyrdom.
Shahriari’s wife owes to her husband and said that we must work in the field of nuclear energy, and find a replacement for his semi-finished projects. While the enemy should know that we are the children of Imam Ruhollah and Dr. Shahriari was the son of Imam Khomeini as well and deemed it the grace of God for being at the time of Imam’s living.

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