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اطلاعات شهید

Ayatollah "Ghazi Tabatabai"

He was born on Sunday Jomādi ālavval 1331 of Lunar year, in Tabriz. He later passed the stages of growth and the acquisition of scientific and spiritual perfection degree of knowledge and became a character of piety and virtue. His name "Muhammad Ali" and was the son of Haji Seyed Baqir and faithful toward venerable Imams. His father, Haji Seyed Baqir famous as "Mirza Baqir" was from the original family in Azerbaijan.
Fight against tyranny
Martyr Ayatollah "Ghazi Tabatabai" from the youth realized the anti-religious nature of the Pahlavi regime and suffered from the oppression toward people. This supreme scientist, oblivious to the regime, like Abouzar (prophet’s companion) made severe invasions against that tyranny.
Political life
Martyr " Ayatollah Ghazi Tabatabai," as in scientific endeavors, had actively participated in political campaigns. His Public participation in the political struggles between the years 41 and 42 coincides with the beginning of the Islamic movement and he was one of the great leaders in Azerbaijan. During his campaign, he was arrested and imprisoned to"Ghezel Ghale’"in Tehran and in a speech about the Islamic government and the crimes of Israel, charged with giving dignity publicly to the imam, exile for a period of six months to “ Bafg " in Kerman. In Tabriz Martyr Ghazi was the only Plenipotentiary Representative of Imam Khomeini.
"Martyr Ghazi Tabatabai" immediately after the revolution were appointed as the imam Khomeini’s Representative in Tabriz and held the first Friday praying in that big city. He also formed the 'Islamic Revolution committee "in West and east Azarbaijan and played a great role in the setting up of governors’ departments and state agencies.
Ayatollah Tabatabai’s martyrdom story
in Persian date of 10th of Aban 1358, coinciding with Eid-e-Ghorban(sacrifice ceremony), presented the sermon in the prayers that: "you threaten to kill me?!, I'm not scared and I am ready for martyrdom and wish it from God."
That day, after the Maghrib and Isha prayers on his way home was shot by cowardly hypocrites in the street.
Ayatollah Tabatabai after the martyrdom of Ayatollah Motahari said many times: like Ayatollah Motahari, I wish to be martyred one day.

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