• 'Abd al-Aziz Rantisi (Abdul Aziz Rantissi). Pediatrician; co-founder and principal spokesman of Hamas. Considered one of the movement's most uncompromising leaders: became Hamas' leader in the Gaza Strip on the assassination of Ahmad Yassin, 22 March 2004. Married with six children; his base is the Shaykh Radwan area of Gaza City. Short biography available here.
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  • Early life
    Badreddine was born on 6 April 1961 in Al Ghobeiry, municipality in the Baabda District. His parents are Amine Badreddine and Fatima Jezeini, who originate from South Lebanon.
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  • Major General Ahmad Kazemi  was an Iranian commander in the
  • Birth: 1334 Tehran testimony: 11/09/1361 Fkh how death: hit by mortar roundsResponsibilities: Acting Army Corps landfill: Tehran - cemetery
  • Biography
    Mahdi Bakeri was born in "Miandoab" city, in 1954. In early childhood he lost his mother.
    He was the third son of the family: Ali, Reza, Mahdi and Hamid Bakeri. He spend the primary Education in "Urmia" and accepted in university exam. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tabriz. During his education, he did activities against the Shah. He joined to the Sepah in the Iran-Iraq war.
  • Arif Hussein Husseini was a Shia leader in Pakistan, of the Shia Turi Pashtun tribe.
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  • According to the book, Zargham was born in 1949 in Tehran. When young, he began practicing wrestling and became a member of the national foreign wrestling team. His life was shrouded with malevolent friends until he experienced a metamorphosis by topple of the Shah Regime and victory of the Islamic Revolution. Imam Khomeini's speeches were so riveting to him that he tattooed May I devote my Life to you, Khomeini on his chest and began training his friends to become devoted revolutionary supporters.